Sweet And Gentle Cat Daddy Supports His Partner During Giving Birth

Meet Yello, the proud father who supported his wife Tam during and after she gave birth. While Tam was in labor, Yello supported her by giving her plenty of sweet kisses and hugs. He just wanted to make her stronger and let her know that everything was going to be okay.

With Yello’s support, Tam gave birth to 4 healthy furry babies. This new mommy was tired, but she was still happy as she had a great husband. No matter what happens, she knew that she’ll have help when she needs it.

After seeing the newborn kittens, the new cat daddy couldn’t wait to hug his kittens along with his kitty wife. He snuggled and cuddled with them. Many people even thought that he was whispering to her, “Good job, mom. I’m proud of you.” He loves his family with all of his heart.

Their owner named Thuy Duong, a lovely girl from Vietnam, shared a series of touching photographs of the family on Facebook, and they quickly went viral.

Watch their video here:

What an adorable little family! It’s quite possibly the sweetest thing you’ll ever see!

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