20+ People Who Hoped For Cute Cats But Ended Up With Troublemakers

Before you add a cat into your family, you will hope that he or she will be a “good” furry companion. However, anyone who has ever owned a cat knows how naughty and stubborn their feline friend can be. Who would have thought behind their cute and sweet faces are devils with mischievous antics. And of course, your dream about a cute and gentle cat will be broken.

However, no matter how bad and weird they are, they are still cute. We still love them so much and forgive even the biggest mistakes that they make. Here are some pictures of people who hoped for cute cats but ended up with troublemakers. Scroll down to check out all the hilarious pictures of mischievous cats!

#1. “Screw this human hygiene.”

#2. Me: “Don’t sit on the keyboard!”
Cat: “Okay.”

#3. “The cat was mad that we weren’t home to feed her dinner, and got back at us by ripping apart a pack of bagels and taking a tiny bite out of EACH ONE!”

#4. “Tried to take a cute Valentine’s Day family photo. The kitten had other plans…”


#6. A life full of limitations

#7. “Honey, I think we have bed bugs.”

#8. “He’s already broken 2 flower pots… And he’s not even our cat.”

#9. “My cat ripped out several blinds in the window to create a nice view for himself.”

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