Sweet Cat Surprises Human By Bringing Flower

Cats bring gifts to their humans to show them their appreciation and love. However, these gifts are often birds or rodents that they’ve killed. Cats do this because their natural hunting instincts remains strong, and they just want to give their beloved humans their “delicious food”.

But this owner in the video below was lucky when she received a special gift from her cat. The adorable cat surprised its human by bringing a flower. The owner was happy and excited because she had never seen a cat ever bring back a flower. Instead of getting birds and small animals, she got the sweetest and cutest gift.

Watch as the cat brings a flower to her human in this video:

And of course, after seeing the lovely gift, the human didn’t forget to say “thank you” to her cute cat.

Since being uploaded, the footage of the sweet cat has been viewed thousands of times. People love the video so much that they can’t stop sharing and talking about it. “That is the sweetest thing ever! This cat is more romantic than 95% of the people I know,” an Internet user wrote.

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