Cat Asks To Be Part Of Mom’s Daily Beauty Routine

Cats are known for being aloof and independent, so it’s so great when a cat is clingy. These cats want to be petted very often, groom themselves excessively, want to be held seemingly all the time.

Meet Milo, a clingy cat who loves his mom so much that she always wants to be involved in her mom’s beauty routine every single day. He wakes his mom up, follows her in the bathroom, and asks to be joined in.

“On days where I don’t have to get up for any reason, I don’t set an alarm. Milo is there like clockwork, every day at 7 a.m. He gets right in my face and kind of nibbles a little bit,” Heather, Milo’s mom said.

Watch the video below to see the full story:

Heather said that she felt pretty lucky that somehow she ended up with one of the most affectionate cats in the entire world. If he’s not around, it feels weird. It feels unnatural.

If you love Milo and Heather, you can follow them on Instagram.

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