Cat Is Obsessed With His Dad And Begs For His Cuddles All Day Long

If you think that cats are selfish and aloof, this post will change your mind immediately.

Meet Archie, a cute cat who loves his dad so much that he always wants to get his dad’s attention all the time. He is affectionate, sweet, and soft, so he loves to show his love to his dad.

According to Adam, Archie’s dad, he got the cat from a local veterinarian clinic 8 years ago, when he was just a tiny kitten. He loves to be petted and loved, so every time his dad sits down, he is all over him. All things he needs is to get cuddles and snuggles from his dad.

“If you lie down, that’s the full-on cuddle, the full body’s in your face. And all he wants to be hugged and kissed, which means you are doing to have hair all over you.”

Watch the video below to see how much Archie loves his dad:

Adam and his cat Archie are obsessed with each other, and now they are living happily together in their loving home. Their bond is so strong that nothing can break it.

If you love Archie the cat and his dad, you can keep up with them on Instagram and TikTok.

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