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Two-Legged Cat Loves Wrestling And Snuggling With Her Dog Friend

Duck is a pretty special cat! When her dad adopted her, she was just a little kitten who lost her front legs. For this reason, she had to learn to walk on two back legs. And of course, this was not easy for a kitten.

However, Duck never lets her disablement stop her from being a normal cat. She is as fast, playful and silly as any other cat. She has a special way of getting around, and amazingly, she runs and walks pretty fast.

Duck doesn’t have front legs, but she may be the happiest cat in the world because she has a very special best friend, a dog named Bimini.

The two animals love each other. They spend all day wrestling, snuggling, playing, and taking naps together. They are a perfect pair!

Watch the video here:

Special thanks to Cody, Duck, and Bimini. If you love them, you can keep up with them on Instagram.

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