Tiny Sick Kitten Grows Up To Be A Strong And Playful Cat

When Jennifer and Taylor met Hank, they were freaking out over how tiny the kitten was. She was tiny enough to fit in a shirt pocket. She was very fragile and weak as her mom didn’t feed her.

Jennifer spent all her time to take care of the kitten, but it was hard because her odds were nonexistent. But no matter how difficult was, the kind woman tried her best to save the little kitten. Eventually, her efforts paid off, and Hank was healthier and started to thrive. She felt lucky Hank was healthy.

Not only does Hank have great parents, but she has a big sister who is right beside her all the time. Hank is just affectionate, so she always wants to be around her parents and gets their attention. The couple also loves Hank and considers her their child. “She is the sweetest thing ever.”

Watch the video here:

After all, Hank beat a lot of odds. And now, she grows up to be a playful and sweet cat. She is the strongest little fighter! We are so glad Poppy and Hank have such a great support system. They have wonderful pet parents.

Special thanks to Hank, Jennifer, Taylor, and Poppy. If you love Hank and her sisters, you can follow them on Instagram!

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