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Sick Kitten Living Under The Rocks Got Rescued And Adopted With Her Sister

Every baby needs a loving mama and kittens are no exceptions. Without their mothers’ love and care, young cats may face plenty of risks even though these creatures are said to be strong and independent.

Uni and Nami (which means sea urchin and wave in Japanese) used to live with their mom under the rocks by the sea of Marmara, Istanbul, Turkey, but then one day the cat mama suddenly left for no reason, leaving her two daughters behind.

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Being the younger one, Uni was quite innocent and carefree compared to her sister. The cat quickly got sick after her mother left, she looked pretty tired and upset.

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Thankfully, a kind man noticed her situation and decided to help. The rescue was quite challenging at first as the bicolor kitty was extremely scared and cautious, but the persistent man wasn’t willing to give up on her. He kept coming back every day, and then finally on the fourth day, he successfully lured her with some tasty treat.

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The man quickly rushed the cat to a vet clinic nearby, where he learned about several health issues that she was suffering, including diarrhea, parasites and cold. She had to stay at the clinic for a while, and during that tough time, he never forgot to visit her daily.

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The shy cat turned out to be a sweet kitty once she started to open her heart. She loved to be petted and always rubbed her body against his hand, begging for attention and love.

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Eventually, once Uni totally recovered, she was taken to her rescuer’s home, which had become her home.

Here is the heart-warming rescue that would brighten up your day:

Uni’s sister, Nami, was also rescued not long afterward. That smart kitty even went straight into the carrier herself, she seemed to understand what was happening there. Just take a peek at the pawsome rescue:

These two charming sisters are currently enjoying a fabulous life together under the care of their Japanese daddy and Turkish mommy (please visit the lovely duo’s YouTube channel or sub-channel for more delightful moments).

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