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Mexican Artist Draws A Series Of Innocent Illustrations Of Cute Animals In Japanese Scenarios

A Mexican artist, known as meronpan.94 on social media, has a passion for drawing. Despite being a Mexican, she loves Japanese heritage and culture.

The artist runs a project called Meronpan in which she illustrates other people’s pets and other cute animals, most of them in Japanese scenarios. Each illustration goes through the same process: sketching with pencil, inking, water coloring and lastly, digital editing.

“I started my project Meronpan in October 2019 and I decided to name it this way to show my cultural mix, since meronpan is a Japanese melon-flavored bread that looks very similar to the Mexican concha bread. Also, because making bread requires different steps that must be well done in order to get a fine product, just like my illustrations,” the artist shared.

“I’ve originally been a realism artist for years, always using graphite pencils or charcoals, but I wanted to try something new! It’s been challenging sometimes to use new techniques, but Meronpan has been really fun to work with, illustrating animals and other people’s pets, most of them in Japanese scenarios, has been making my life cuter,” the artist added.

The artist is so happy to learn about different animals in the world. She also receives pet requests, and thanks to these people, her portfolio keeps growing, getting cuter, and she also gets a living from this! She also feels happy and thankful for everyone who has asked her to make personalized illustrations of their pets.

“It’s been enjoyable making all these cute animal illustrations and animating some of them too! I decided to start drawing and painting things that make myself and everyone else happy. I’m very motivated to keep making these cute illustrations and bring some happiness to everyone,” she said.

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