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Cat Brought To Clinic To Be Put To Sleep But The Vet Had Other Plans

Some professions require not only knowledge and skills, but they also require a compassionate soul and a golden heart. Luckily, Dr. Matt McGlasson happens to have both.

This kind veterinarian is also a cat person at heart. So when some people brought an injured stray cat to his clinic in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, United States to put him to sleep, McGlasson immediately came up with another plan for that pitiful boy. He decided to save and adopt the cat, giving him a second chance at life that he totally deserved.

Image credit: Matt McGlasson

The locals were feeding stray cats in that area when they stumble upon this poor kitty. The ginger tabby had a broken leg and he was in a lot of pain, so maybe they just didn’t have the heart to watch him endure such pain any longer. Their initial intention was good, but the tenderhearted vet simply saw no reason to euthanize such a lovely and good-tempered creature.

Image credit: Matt McGlasson

McGlasson and his coworkers were determined to save the cat, which meant they had to amputate his leg. Fortunately, the surgery was quite successful and the feline recovered pretty fast thanks to the love and help of his direct caregivers.

Watch the touching rescue here:

The lucky cat later got to stay with the vets and was given the name Nemo by McGlasson’s Tiktok followers. Nemo is a pretty nice boy who absolutely adores everybody, what he loves the most is a good, long cuddle session with his human friends! And according to the latest update from the wonderful vet, Nemo is doing just fine with his three other legs. He can run like a hero now!

Let’s take a peek at his new happy life as a spoiled house cat:


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For more delightful moments of McGlasson and his furry friends, please visit his Tiktok or Instagram account. And don’t forget to share this heart-warming story with your loved ones!

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