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Curious Kitten Wanted To Steal Dog’s Tongue

It’s no secret that cats are naturally curious and active creatures who love to mess things up only to see what happens, but our lives are much more interesting with these playful buddies around! Of course, young cats are even more curious than older ones due to the lack of experience. They are always eager to discover the surrounding world and just can’t wait to learn about literally the most ordinary things, for example, a dog’s tongue.

Here is a funny video of a mellow dog named Murkin and one of his foster kittens that will melt your heart and brighten up your day. As you can see in the video, the ginger tabby was sitting in the gentle dog’s arms and having fun with his collar. Murkin, as a loving big bro, patiently let her do whatever she wanted to do. The cat later seemed to be a little sleepy, but then something stranger suddenly appeared and grabbed all of her attention: his tongue.

Screenshot, dcjanelle

The kitten immediately pawed at the weird object and after Murkin closed his mouth, she just wanted him to open it again to examine that thing inside. The smol cat simply couldn’t keep her eyes and her paws off the 8-year-old doggo’s tongue. Seriously, could this gal be any cuter?

Screenshot, dcjanelle

Let’s take a peek at the hilarious scene (it was even featured on The Ellen Show!):

In fact, she wasn’t the first kitten that Murkin watched over and definitely wouldn’t be the last either. Murkin’s dad often helped foster kittens of the Sacramento SPCA and this calm boi was extremely sweet around them. Actually the Great Pyrenees/lab/golden retriever/Australian shepherd mix (as his daddy described) was also adopted from that shelter when he was only a puppy so maybe that’s the reason why he could be truly understanding and sympathetic toward his feline friends.

Here is another video of Murkin sleeping with three foster kittens that might make you love him even more:

Please visit Murkin’s Youtube channel or Facebook account for more delightful moments of this gentleman and his kitties, and don’t forget to share his lovely story with your friends and family too!


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