Poor Kitty Becomes Depressed After Losing Her Owner

Cats are often said to be cool and aloof, but actually they are just not good at expressing their feelings. These furry creatures are also social animals who need affection just like we do and once they face unwanted events, they could be as emotional as any other being in this world.

Meow the bicolor cat in this story has lost her owner Sungcheol due to a tragic accident a month ago, and the separation breaks her heart. The poor kitty doesn’t understand what happens, she has no idea why Sungcheol doesn’t come back to her.

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Meow gradually becomes depressed after her dad suddenly disappeared. Every day, she cries her heart out.

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Meow has no appetite nor interest in anything. She refuses to eat and drink, and she even attacks people who attempt to touch Sungcheol’s belongings. She just wants to protect the precious memory of her dear daddy as if keeping it would bring him back to her.

Her love is simply beyond words.

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Sungcheol and Meow’s bond was amazingly wonderful. When Sungcheol was still alive, he loved Meow wholeheartedly too. The cat was with him all the time and she appeared everywhere in his diary.

Sungcheol was truly proud of his little four-legged friend knowing that everybody loved her, he even drew her in his graduation project. Sadly, he wasn’t able to make it to his graduation day.

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Sungcheol’s father is the one who takes care of the pitiful cat after he passed away, but there’s nothing much he can do to ease his pain, let alone her pain. His son was gone when he was just too young.

The kind man wanted to take Meow to his funeral but she resisted fiercely and insisted to stay home waiting for her daddy, so he brought a picture of her instead.

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No one knows how long Meow would be mourning, but hopefully, time can heal her heart.

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