Bread Whisker – Chubby Bird With Its Signature Whisker Near The Eyes

Bread whisker – many people may wonder whether it is the name of a drink or alcohol brand? However, it is the name of a type of bird with special fur with whiskey-alike color.

At the first sight, the bread whisker looks so lovely, small, and chubby. What makes it so distinctive is the fur’s tint. It seems like a mixture of light yellowish-brown from whiskey and orange from bread.

Bread whisker

Just imagine pouring these two colors in a jar, stir them, and you can have the color of the bread whisker. Such an impressive bird, right?

Scientifically, its name is Panurus Biarmicus or Bearded Reedling in English. There are two big dark markings in the eyes area, which are joked as “mustache.” Moreover, the “mustache” only present in males, not in females.

The head area of this bird impresses most people with the peculiar oval shape of the whisker’s head – smaller on the front, bigger on the back. The head shape complement with the soft, white fur makes the bird much like a “ball of feather”.

Whisker’s fur

With the attractive and unique appearance, especially in fur’s color, the bread whisker seems to be a great object for photographing. However, where can you find them?

In general, the Panurus live separately across Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They can survive well in various climates: from humid tropical countries to cool and windy temperate zones.

When seeking bread whisker’s photos on the Internet, you will realize most of them are caught when Panurus flies. So, why are their flights so worth shooting?

Through the given photo we can find that the bread whisker’s flights look like acrobatic movements. This feature complements their high-pitch, pure voice, making their present remarkably impressive. The 8cm-length body is also distinguished.

Photos of whisker’s acrobatic flights

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