The Dog Refusal Of Leaving Ownership After Horrible Crash

In Kentucky, there was a dog named Lucky. He lived a peaceful life with his great owner in a small town. However, his life is not that easy. On May 17, a dreadful accident suddenly came to him, opening a new page in his life.

Loyal dog

At that time, Lucky was in the car with his owner. He is an Illinois man driving a motorhome with a trailer veered off the road.
When turning back to the lane, the motorcyclist, unfortunately, hit an embankment and got flipped. As a result, he was dead at the edge.

Both Lucky and his owner were trapped in the car. However, Lucky still stayed right next to the owner’s side.

Feeling sympathetic for this scene, The Kuttawa Fire Department wrote a post on Facebook. They wrote that thanks to the existence of the dog, the man could calm down despite feeling extricated from the damage.

You can watch the heart-wrenching video below.

The post also reported that Lucky state was good.

Like his name, he is so lucky that there was no hurt on his body. Moreover, it compliments Lucky as the greatest company of his owner because he gave him calmness till the time he was extricated.

It has also been reported that: When the rescuers successfully save the victim away from the wreckage, they could be able to take luck out of the scene.

A worker with Lyon County State Highway has captured a photo of the moment that the rescuers get three victims out of the wreckage and take them to the hospital. This picture has touched thousands of social users and remains as good moral behavior in their minds.

Following the picture is a meaningful caption. It describes the actual feeling of a social user after seeing the photo. When the victim finally gets airlifted, rested, and cared for his dog, it won the heart of the viewer and encouraged him to share it right away.

Furthermore, he added: there are still more things not depicted in the photo that we should pay thought to. It is the tireless work of many firefighters from Eddyville, Kuttawa, trying to rescue those trapped in the wreckage. In these situations, Not many people would be willing to go into the wreck and save others’ lives like the firefighters.

In a fatal accident like that, each person has a crucial part in dealing with the crash. Also, it emphasizes the importance of teamwork in doing things.

In the post, the writer considers Lucky as an actual team member. Without him, there could not be a result like this.

Afterward, the family member of Lucky owner came to take him back. At that time, the health condition of the dog is still unknown.

In a word, dogs seem to be one of the most loyal pets ever. They are always beside their owners in whatever conditions. Share this story with your friends to let them know and love all the dogs more.

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