Dog Was Kicked Out Of The House Because He Was Too Nice

No one can believe that sometimes being a too good dog can bring the dog itself a misfortune. Like the dog in this story, he was kicked out of the house by his owner for a reason that the dog was so nice and never barked at anyone, so he could not guard the property. The owner also brought another dog to their home for guarding mission.

After being informed, Love Furry Friends headed out right away to rescue him.

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The poor dog was so faithful. He did not go anywhere else, just sadly lied in front of the gate for days and waited for his owner to let him get into the house, without knowing that they never wanted him anymore. They just threw him away. The dog kept staring at the gate, hoping someone would step out and gave him a second chance. But still, no person showed up.

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The rescuer brought him some water. The dog was really nice as he came to her for a little bit then turned back to his place continuing to wait in hopelessness. Residents said that they felt so sorry for the kind dog so they fed him every day. His name was Leo and he was friendly with everyone. Leo even did not have a collar, the owner put a man’s belt around his neck.

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They decided to take Leo to their shelter. He no longer belonged to this place. Getting kicked out of that house somehow was the best thing that happened to Leo. He did not deserve to live with such cold-hearted owners like that. He needed to be loved and cared for.

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They took him to a vet first for a check-up. Based on his state, Leo was treated badly at his former home. But here he received proper medical treatment that made him better. After bath time, Leo appeared as a handsome dog. He deserved a good life.

Screenshot, Love Furry Friends

Leo is very playful and loves the attention. He now has a new appearance, an expression of excitement on his face instead of sadness. He is looking for a caring home. Hopefully, he will find a great owner who treats him well and gives him endless love.

You can watch the video of this loyal dog here:

Please share this story with your friends and family to help Leo find new home soon.

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