20+ People Who Hoped For Cute Cats But Ended Up With Troublemakers

#21. “Does anyone else have this model alarm clock? How do you hit the snooze button?”

#22. “I lost my AirPod then proceeded to find where all my lighters have been going for the last 8 months. Little guy had a stash behind the stove.”

#23. “I have done everything in my power to get Milkshakes to sleep in her bed instead of this box. I even covered the bed in catnip and put it inside the box, but nope. She cried until I took the bed out. Boxes for life!”

#25. Does your cat act the same?

#26. “He broke into the snack closet, ate a bunch of popcorn and kibble, couldn’t break back out, and peed himself to sleep.”

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