20+ People Who Hoped For Cute Cats But Ended Up With Troublemakers

#11. Climbing in through the top of the box would have been far too simple.

#12. Moral support

#13. “My cat has started digging my old nursing bras out of storage and presenting them as gifts to our house guests. Is there anything else you could possibly do to embarrass me more, Doug?!?”

#14. “I think she’s summoning something.”

#15. “Hey hooman you remember those bills you were so stressed about. We got rid of them!!”

#16. “This chair has been with me for 8 years. This is what she did to it in 3 months.”

#17. “Our cat was messing with our daughter’s school project.”

#18. “My boyfriend caught her in his underwear drawer.”

#19. “Is there anything else on the menu?”

#20. “He threw my house slipper in the toilet…”

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